Day 7 La Bendicion

Today was incredible in many ways.  51 people started out at 6:00 am in 5 vehicles, which soon turned into 4 vehicles as 1 broke down soon after we got on the road.  We just loaded all the equipment on to the top of 1 van and squished more people in the others.  The two teams are really getting to know eachother today!  When we got to Bendicion, Paulina was very excited to see her family.  We set up and the group sang a couple songs and Hermano Jesus started preaching.  Many people stood to dedicate their lives to Christ and we surrounded them with love!  Praise the Lord!

After lunch we played a few games with the kids, had 2 pinatas and then gave each family rice and beans and the kids each got a toy.

Thanks for your prayers for safety, health and many coming to know Christ today.  Please pray for us tomorrow as we travel home and continue to pray for the next team this week.

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Painting Day 6

God is so Good!  We are amazed at the beauty of His creation – both the beautiful scenery on top of this mountain and in each person He perfectly formed and brought together to make up this team.  The murals in each room are absolutely beautiful!  We have been praying for and thinking about each child that will be living in these rooms and would love to see the looks on each of their faces as they see these rooms for the first time.  Today is our last day of working in these rooms.  It is bittersweet.  We are thankful for the work He gave each of us this week, but sad to be done too.

Tonight we welcome 16 more to the base.  Our rooms are bursting at the seams.  20 in the women’s room and 15 in the men’s.  Also, Erin VO’s room will be the overflow for 4 more women and Gavin is looking forward to his grandpa bunking with him.  We think this is the most people that have been here at once!  Just think of the awesome devotions and praise time we will have with that many!  To God be the Glory!

Please pray for all of us tomorrow morning as we leave at 5:30 am to go to La Bendicion for the day.  It is a 3 hour drive each way.  We are preparing coloring books and crayons, pinatas, dulce, toys, rice and beans to hand out tomorrow.  We will let you know how the day went when we return tomorrow night.

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Painting Day 5 /Antigua

We painted until noon today and then had lunch.  We left for Antigua at 1:00.  Everyone got their shopping fix in.  Many things were bought for the Thrift Stores as well as souvenirs for our families.  Even Rex, the guard dog, got a new blanket from Sammi.  We all enjoyed Pollo Campero or La Fonta de la Real for supper (even though some said Noemi’s cooking is better).  We got back to the base about 8:00 pm and then enjoyed our evening devotions.  We prayed over Seraphin, Julie and Alice who would be leaving us in the morning.

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Day 4 Painting and Adventure

This morning a few of the artists continued to work on the murals.  A group of 24 people took the long trek down to the waterfall with a Guatemalan guide.  Johnny was awesome in guiding us!  It was 1000 ft down the side of a mountain with a lot of switchbacks on a small trail.  The last 50 feet we repelled down with a tow strap.  It was crazy! Loco!  When we got to the bottom, we had to cross the stream 3 times.  Some people scaled a rock wall 30 ft across on one side of the river.  After 2 1/2 hours we finally got to the waterfall.  It was amazing!  Well worth the journey.  The walk back was a little more strenuous.  Our total trip was 5 hours long.

When we got back we ate lunch and then continued painting trim, doors and more murals.  We had Dominos for supper!  Then a prayer meeting in the orphanage at 7:00 and devotions at 8:00.

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Painting Day 3

The artists were hard at work again today.  They painted beautiful palm trees, a monkey, and a banana tree.  Whitney’s room is getting princesses and Gavin something from Star Wars.

The others did touch up painting, trim painting and started the process for hanging ceiling tiles.

Chris and Emilee left this morning and 3 others were picked up from the airport.  We just enjoyed tacos and chocolate cake for supper and are looking forward to more group devotions tonight.

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Day 2 Painting

We finished painting all the rooms of the orphanage today.  It’s beautiful!  The mural women are hard at work also.  We have a crew painting all the trim while another group painted the railing that just got installed around the deck.

Some of us also took a walk and saw the waterfall.  We will try to download photos tonight!  The team has really bonded quickly. Please continue to pray for health and safety.

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Lots Done in Day 1

GREAT progress today. Photos s/b up soon by Erin. JQ99 radio is here with us and doing some great long distance reporting. Sharing a fun video of one of the mural projects tomorrow so check that out too.

All safe – full from great soup and ready for some more God revealing devos! God’s blessings to you.

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